Mon 19th January 2015
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Beware: Spamming, Trying To Sell Unregistered Domains For $39.95 -     Over the last several days I have been receiving over 20 emails a day offering me domains for sale for $39.95 each. Until tonight I didn’t pay too much attention but the sheer volume of the emails I have received today led to me to check it out. So the emails are coming from Here is the email including just one of the many domain names I was offered: “Thank you for your interest in the domain name, As you are probably aware, domains are valued based on many factors such as marketability and brand-ability, the industry it is related ... read more ...
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Michael Berkens, Esq. is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Michael is also the co-founder of Worldwide Media Inc. which sold around 70K domain to in December 2015 and now owns around 5K domain names . Michael is also a Director of which is a consultant in the new gTLD space and a broker of super premium domains. Michael was also one of the 5 Judges selected for the the Verisign 30th Anniversary .Com contest this year.

Sun 18th January 2015
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EZTV packs up its Virtual Bags and Moves to .Ch from .IT - Just like The Pirate Bay has done several time, EZTV has had to pick up and move, leaving and moving to BetaNews wrote: EZTV made a quick comeback, but problems have continued for the service, as Italian authorities closed in on its .IT domain. This has forced the organization to pack up shop and make a move to a new country where things will, hopefully, be calmer. The old site,, has fled to Switzerland, where it now resides under According to TorrentFreak, “Over the past several years it has maintained a steady user-base and with millions of users it’s ... read more ...
Mon 2nd June 2014
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A Brilliant Conversation on newgTLDs - There’s an excellent conversation on newgtlds I read on TheDomains. Here’s the headline by Michael Berkens – “Shocker: Rick Schwartz Now Owns More New gTLD’s Domains Than I Do” Michael owns something like 450 newgtlds, Rick owns around 500. Rick Schwartz replied in the comments: “This is no endoresement of any gTLD. My views have not changed. I went mostly on the dark side with keywords like worst, crappy, lousy, sucky, complaints, ripoff, bad, unfair, and see what matched well with the extensions. I bought 57 different .whatevers. Do I expect to make money with them? NO Are ... read more ...
Fri 9th May 2014
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NewgTLDs – No Country for Domain Investors? - It’s virtually impossible to get a great keyword in a relevant newgTLD at general availability. And by great I only mean a keyword+newgtld combo that has a real world business use. The sheer number of ‘filters’ that the keyword has to go through to get there is mind boggling. First – There’s the ICANN Block List – which blocks thousands of common keywords from most TLDs, so a lot of good keywords you can’t even register. Of those you can register, there are other ‘filters’ before ‘general availability’ of any newgTLD – Second – You have a trademark for the term ... read more ...
Wed 5th February 2014
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KSL – A new measurement for domain length? - Most people will tell you a short domain is better, and usually more valuable than a longer one. And there are usage parameters to back up this fact – Shorter brands are easier to remember Shorter words are used more often Shorter URLs are more effective in SMO And with the world going increasingly mobile, this makes sense too. But EMDs [exact match domains] can also be effective, and those are two/three word domains for the most part. 1. So how does one measure the length of the domain? 2. And will this change dramatically with newgTLDs? As to the first question, the current method ... read more ...
Tue 28th January 2014
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newgTLDs: A rising tide lifts all ships! - 1. A registrant with a .com will not give up that .com and move to a new TLD 2. ccTLDs perform well in non-US locations inspite of .com mindshare 3. newgTLDs will expand the market – Paul Stahura I’m cautiously optimistic about newgTLDs, not surprisingly, since I’m also extremely positive about existing alternative TLDs and ccTLDs – both refashioned brands and those with a strong home base. In fact, I saw ccTLDs as a viable alternative back in 2007, when most people still scoffed at them. As a developer I can tell you it’s a lot easier to get traction with a .com but I’d rather ... read more ...
Sun 22nd December 2013
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The newgTLDs debate – featuring Rick Schwartz & Michael Berkens! - Don’t know if you’ve been following the back and forth between Rick Schwartz Michael Berkens about newgTLDS, but it’s been enlightening to say the least. What I’ve done is taken a few of their quotes that made the most impact and collated them. Read on… Rick’s Points So I don’t have all the answers, the consumer and the future does. True, no one has all the answers, but an educated guess is better than a shot in the dark. I have worked hard to look at this from all angles. All investors do, it’s imperative before ... read more ...
Thu 10th October 2013
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Basics of Building a Website - As a web solutions provider one of the most common questions we get asked is if WordPress is free, why should my website cost anything? Good point, except that WordPress only satisfies one small part of the entire set of building blocks that lead to a website being developed, getting visible and thus visited. Which in turn generates revenues for you and justifies the cost of building and managing your own website. Of course, if you consider the website a part of your marketing plan, then the cost is easily absorbed. And as a basic brand requirement, the cost of not having a website today ... read more ...
Thu 1st August 2013
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Direct Navigation Matters - Came across an interesting article in the Huffington Post (CA) that really is an eye opener. It talks about why the URL bar is still important. And from the perspective of domain names it talks about Direct Navigation, one of the holy grails of type-in traffic. I would recommend you read the entire article, but here are some important take-aways: According to one Fairwinds report, manual direct navigation in the URL bar accounted for 38 per cent of Web site traffic. 38% is a pretty large number, what it means is that most experienced web users use direct navigation to reach a particular ... read more ...