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Mon 19th January 2015
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Beware: Spamming, Trying To Sell Unregistered Domains For $39.95 -     Over the last several days I have been receiving over 20 emails a day offering me domains for sale for $39.95 each. Until tonight I didn’t pay too much attention but the sheer volume of the emails I have received today led to me to check it out. So the emails are coming from Here is the email including just one of the many domain names I was offered: “Thank you for your interest in the domain name, As you are probably aware, domains are valued based on many factors such as marketability and brand-ability, the industry it is related ... read more ...
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Michael Berkens, Esq. is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Michael is also the co-founder of Worldwide Media Inc. which sold around 70K domain to in December 2015 and now owns around 5K domain names . Michael is also a Director of which is a consultant in the new gTLD space and a broker of super premium domains. Michael was also one of the 5 Judges selected for the the Verisign 30th Anniversary .Com contest this year.

Sun 18th January 2015
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EZTV packs up its Virtual Bags and Moves to .Ch from .IT - Just like The Pirate Bay has done several time, EZTV has had to pick up and move, leaving and moving to BetaNews wrote: EZTV made a quick comeback, but problems have continued for the service, as Italian authorities closed in on its .IT domain. This has forced the organization to pack up shop and make a move to a new country where things will, hopefully, be calmer. The old site,, has fled to Switzerland, where it now resides under According to TorrentFreak, “Over the past several years it has maintained a steady user-base and with millions of users it’s ... read more ...