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Mon 21st February 2011
Written by info in EN
Domain Buyers Clubs – Good or Bad? - A domain buyers’ club or domain buying club or domain club in short is in essence a consortium of buyers who pool their cash to buy domains. That’s the short version. The long version is most ‘clubs’ have ‘membership fees’ and unless you sell enough to cover these fees and make a decent profit, the club won’t generate revenue for you. I think most domain forums have at least one club, then there are fractional ownership clubs like fusu, DotSauce recently launched it’s Domain Club as well and Gene has one of the oldest the Domain Profits Club. Each has a different take, with ... read more ...
Wed 2nd February 2011
Written by info in EN
Domain Investment Strategies – Part 4 of 5 - Product or Service Generics are the next top domain investment strategy that I’m going to share. It’s pretty self explanatory, yet too many people get it wrong. Most don’t have a clue what a generic is, those that do don’t really want to share this with the masses as it makes it that much tougher to get the few gems that slip through the big domain companies lists. defines them as “A generic domain consists of words or common abbreviations which one finds in the dictionary and which describe in logical order a product, service, or other area of interest ... read more ...