Monthly Archives: August 2010

Tue 24th August 2010
Written by Markus in EN
New TLDs Shaking Up Domaining? - Don’t know if you’ve noticed but the quality of domains on auction at Domainfest, TRAFFIC and other online marketplaces has improved dramatically. On offer earlier this month were,,,,,,,, and many more! Up at TRAFFIC are such blockbusters like,,,,,, and among others. You now routinely hear of top of the line keywords being offered and selling – – Sold, (lot) – Sold, ... read more ...
Thu 19th August 2010
Written by info in EN
The Million Dollar Prediction - I called the sale of the lot correctly a month before it actually sold. Hope this doesn’t sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet but I’m very pleased I predicted this would sell easily with a 500k reserve. Patrick Ruddell of had mentioned this lot last month on Facebook and my comment was “I see this set selling quite easily –,,,, – pretty much sews up the niche. Nice one.” ... read more ...